About ISP

The Innovation Grant
The American Federation of Teacher’s Innovation Fund awarded a grant to Education Austin (our local teacher’s union) to partner with Austin Interfaith and work with Austin ISD to engage teachers, parents, administrators and community in the creation of the first community-based, campus-led, in-district charter school in Austin. Awarded in 2010, it provided us funding toward a 3-year study on how we can fulfill the potential of our campus, students and the community. The Innovation Grant is providing funding for organizer support, stipends for leaders, funding for teacher training, funding for research trips to innovative schools (such as Magellan International School, Austin Discovery School, Spicewood Elementary and schools in San Antonio and Houston) and more.

The Innovation School Project
The Innovation School Project is an initiative fueled by the community to determine how our students might learn and how our educators might teach within the context of our neighborhood resources, values and character. In our initiative, the school’s stakeholders – parents, administrators, teachers, students and staff – are empowered to take their own innovative approach to school reform, and will be held accountable for our school’s success. Our goal for the Innovation School Project is for the school and community to come together to drive change to enhance both the educational experience of students and their educational outcomes; while reinforcing teacher, parent and community commitment to the educational process.