Spring 2012 Wrap Up

Dear Parents,

Wow!  What a year of growth.  The Innovation School Project, which really came to be this spring, began with numerous talks last fall.  Many wondered where we were headed with all those house meetings, but with each gathering in conversation and relationship, our vision of what we wanted for the future of our school grew.

For the first half of spring, our staff visited numerous thriving schools in the Austin area and around Texas.  We observed many successful practices that we believe could be a good fit for our school.  By mid-spring, numerous questions from our community were answered at a school-wide meeting where our first major Innovation School Project handout was provided. This handout, which was also distributed in Wednesday Folders, described the purpose and funding of the Innovation School Project.  It also began to clarify the critical role teachers and parents will play in this project.

The last quarter of the year, our staff met regularly to discuss our research regarding effective programs observed during the campus visits.  Simultaneously, our core team of teachers and parents also met regularly, accumulating questions from the community.  They then designed a survey based on both the research and ideas gathered throughout the year.  The purpose of the survey was to ascertain if the team was on-track. That is, do the topics and strategies our staff found energizing and exciting align with what our parents value in their child’s education.

The survey was distributed to Pre-K through 4th grade.  190 surveys were returned within one week, with 84% returned by native English speakers and 16% returned by native Spanish speakers.  This response rate reflects over 50% of our student households.  Excellent!  The high rate of return, this late in the year, demonstrates the supportive community we have as well as the commitment and enthusiasm for The Innovation School Project.

These valued survey results will be used to guide our team in drafting a proposal beginning this summer. In addition, we’ve established that this website will be provided as a way to get information about the Innovation School Project.  Be sure to check back here often to read about the latest news with The Innovation School Project.

Thank you for your support of Travis Heights Elementary and your very valued feedback!

Have a great, safe summer!

-The Innovation School Project Team

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