The Vote Update: We Did It!!!

As you know we held our school wide vote starting on October 15, 2012. We had our work cut out for us as we wanted and needed to reach every single household at the school. We wanted to make sure we had everyone’s input. This was a daunting task as there are over 560 students from over 400 households at Travis Heights Elementary!

However our intrepid ISP volunteers were up to the task and accomplished this mean feat in about 10 days!!!

The parents, teachers and staff were heard loud and clear and you know what they said?


Overwhelmingly so!

Here are the facts and numbers:

The district requires that we have 80% community support (parents, teachers and staff) to become the first campus-based in-district charter.

We reached 90% of households (in less then two weeks!) and of those households we received 99% support for ISP. (That’s 83.1% of all of the officially listed “parent/guardians”)

Teachers and staff:
We received 97% support for ISP. (That’s 92% of “professional staff” ie teachers, counselor, librarian.)

Congratulations Thunderbirds!

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